“Alexander” is Columbus, Ohio’s premier party band.  The Alexander band plays a wide variety of music including classic rock & roll (oldies), country, jazz, swing and modern pop that is sure to appeal to all audiences. 

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“Alexander is a super talented and inspirational band....”

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Booking Alexander is a great first step in planning a successful party and making it an unforgettable experience.  The band has played for many corporate and private functions.  Alexander faithfully recreates the sounds and melodies of the original music they play.  

“Alexander brings back my younger days...”

Welcome to the internet home of Alexander, a Columbus, Ohio band.

A quick note.....Johnny was recently hospitalized and had surgery.  He is doing well but it will be at least a couple weeks before he will be able to return to playing music.  Johnny and his family would appreciate your prayers and well wishes.  Alexander will keep you informed when Johnny can return.  Going forward in the near term, some jobs will be performed by “The Emeralds” and some will be cancelled.  We will try to keep the website updated and current.